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first of all hey, long time no speak
second, I've been tagged :P

1. first of all, how was your day?
It's only just began really, but it's been good, very good thankyou ^_^  Got family coming round later :D

2. first thought, one, two, three!
MEOW, erm.. I wonder what it is I can hear being made in the kitchen O__o...

(it was icing.. i stole some :P)

3. Do you think cats can rule the world?
do I /think/!  I /know/ they do :L

4. What's the first thing you faved on DA? ö
meow, I like this question! idek.. this:
naaar, It's my brothers first upload ^_^ he should totally come back on DA, he's drawm some awesome dragins and stuff

5. The song you love the most?
gaaaaaaaaah,, thats such a mean question!!!  One I can't stop listening too atm is the Mortician's Daughter by BVB but all time fave... i don't know! there's so many I love!!

6. There's a monster in your closet....
O_O  good job im downstair then =P I'll deal with him later *loads gun*

7. Best place you've ever been?
my favorite place EVER is this little beach in Portugal which me and my cousin found a hole in the cliff that lead though the inside of the cliff and out to another little secluded beach!! It was like a fairy tale!! Our own secret beach :O  

( picture of the exit:… on my previous awful camera :L)

8. buttons or zipper?
zipper :L A) because it's a cooler word B) because It makes a cooler sound and C) its easier to zip up a hodie than button up a coat

9. First celebirty crush? O_O (haha I'm stuck on questions)
Gerard Way :L  I didn't really fan-girl on anyone before I fell in love with mcr xD

10. An artist you would recomment me on DA?
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurm.... you could check out my best friend irl,… likes good music and she's lovely ^_^

Imma break the rules and not add anymore questions xD  Partly cause i g2g now and partly cause I don't have enough friends D:

<3 xx

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WhisperingWonderWolf's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hello everyone!!

My name is Tonie and I love music and art :) I'm not very good at either but it makes me happie so I still do it. I've also just done my GCSE photography so as well as random doodles and sketches being uploaded, you may see some photography

I have a big passion for photography and take faar to many photographs!! It's like a nervous twich.. but all the time!! I take hundreds but only a few are good enough to be posted. I passed my GCSE in art photography in year 9 (age 14) with an A* and I am now working on my A level for year 10 and 11 before I get into sixth form, where I hope to take another photography course for another A-level!!

I'm super obbsessed with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MCFLY, GREEN DAY and everything about them!! <3 <3 and I also love PANIC! AT THE DISCO :D

I also loove animals and have lots of pets:
1 cat, 2 fish, 1 rabbit, 2 guinea-pigs, 1 hamster and 2 ferrets (the loves of my lifee <3 )

I play flute (recently done grade 5 and passed!!) and I can make it look like I can play piano but I can't really, I just know the basics and a few advanced pieces of-by-heart. I am also trying to teach myself guitar because it is something I REALLy badly want to be able to do!!

I have a brother who can sometimes be annoying but is usually nice, his name is Tommy, or Blue-crest on here, you should check him out, he's a lot better at art than I am!! (and he's younger! grrr!)

So yeah :) Please give me some feedback, good or bad and tell me how I can improve and stuff :)

Thank you lovely peoples of the internet!! xx

Favourite genre of music: ROCK XD
Favourite photographer: humm, gotta be Sandy Skoglud cause her photos are SO cool! :D
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Zen x-FI 2
Wallpaper of choice: random cute pictures of animals XD



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